Thursday, February 18, 2010

Troy is Epic

I'm finding it hard to be against the Olympics when it is because of them that a Canadian band that I really like are having two free concerts this week. But I am going to see a documentary tomorrow called Five Ring Circus that is supposedly going to enlighten me on the negative aspects of the XXI Winter Games. Can't wait.

Anyway, I will be seeing Marianas Trench on Saturday. Yay.

On another Olympic related note, I talked about Stefan Read in a blog yesterday and this relates to the issue of women's ski jumping. I don't know if you know this because it doesn't seem that widely publicized or discussed (blame the media) but I learned when I read a book about a girl who goes on a trip to Sweden that there is no women's event in the Olympics for ski jumping. Modern sexism for the lose!

I know there's all kinds of alleged reasons for this, one being that women's ski jumping isn't done widely enough but I think that's all stupid. Stop being bigots and give the women an event!

I fail to see how there can be such a thing as men's figure skating and no women's ski jumping. It just isn't fair. I'm not saying men shouldn't figure skate but could they not squeeze in an ski jumping event for the women, if only for appearances sake? And really, men's figure skating? Enough has been said.

...segue... funny word that.

I finished all my courses. Have I said this? Well, now it's officially official. Except for art. Darned watercolours. I must admit I'm not a very amazing painter. I've always thought abstract paintings were an excuse for untalented people. I suppose they're perfect for me. Aw well, back to the easel. Another weird word.

For lack of a better way of ending this eternal work in progress I will tell you that I've recently been obsessing with a song called When the Day Met the Night by Panic at the Disco. It's a good song. I was never a fan of Panic at the Disco but this album is kind of neat. It's so poetic. Like pretty poetry only with MUSIC. I like.

I also like this song. Simple and sweet. But that's off topic. As is the title of this. It's incredible how quickly my attention can be diverted. I'm going to go eat cheese.

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