Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Only 7%... are this awesome

According to the Internet, I'm in a lot of minorities. Specifically, SEVEN PERCENT minorities. Examples: (comprised of two lists)

List 1-- Things I knew before today

1. Only 7% of people in the world are left-handed. (and, of the 7%, there are twice as many males as females. AND, that Gerald Ford wrote left-handed while seated but right-handed while standing.)

List 2-- Things the Internet has taught me

1. 7% of people under 25 blog
2. 7% of people under 15 reported having the "three life experiences key to their futures"-- which totally sounds like something SCHOOL would have us look up and analyze, but really is just the result of (a.) Googling things in quotes and (b.) being genuinely interested, and looking for more 7's and (c.) wanting to post a thought-provokingish blog. (d.) I always feel like lettered lists should at least go up to d.*

Okay, so these are the 3 experience things, see for yourselves:

Spark-- An individual talent, passion or gift.**
Teen Voice Index-- How well the voices of teens can be heard on issues that matter to them.***
Relationship and Opportunities Index-- Access to "high quality resources and relationships that allow teens to nurture their strengths"****

Footnotes *placed awkwardly in the middle of the blog!*

* Yes, Rena, as in OCD. Will you get on with it? Will you stop pseudo-talk/typing to yourself??
No. No, in fact, I'll keep this up to further aggravate you/me. SO THERE.

** For my example, I'll choose writing. The ghost of NaNo past has returned to eat my sanity. But in such a way that I allow it to eat the functioning parts of my brain, even offer them. This is probably the crazies talking and I'm nowhere near finished... in the meantime I'm going to work on my fort-building skills.

*** Does Twitter count? Yes, I think Twitter counts... it should. Even for just the occasional "*headdesk* *headdesk* *die* #nanowrimo" tweets, in addition to important little 140 character bursts that let us express our opinion on ANYTHING. Nutella. Books. Tim Curry. Homework. Stuff people *probably* don't care too much about, but that's not the point. It's more that we CAN and... stuff. Right?

**** Like the NaNo forums. Nevermind the fact that I personally alternated between the "How hard do you need your ass kicked to be PRODUCTIVE?! *roar*" thread and the "Come here and commiserate with people in the same situation as you, so that you will be offered encouragement and cupcakes." one. People need both of these in life sometimes... some more the former. *guiltily raises hand* but I LIKE the cupcakes! :P

Non-Footnote part (placed as normal at the end of the blog, and containing questions that sound like I'm talking to myself but may be answered as normal questions after I close this stupid parentheses and get on with what I was going to say... this, class, is a classic example of RAMBLING. Used commonly to increase Nanowrimo word count, even long after such processes are necessary.)

-- Am I the only one who hates that PUFF OF AIR machine in my eye? What do those things even test?
-- Is green squash always zucchini, or can it also be under-ripe regular squash?
-- Did that last question make any sense whatsoever?
-- Why is there a car alarm going off outside?
-- Isn't it a shame that whenever anyone hears a car alarm the just assume, "Oh, some idiot set it off themselves." instead of, "Oh, nooez! A car is being stolen! I should alert the police!"


Alex said...

Puff of air test = test to determine victim's willingness to cry in front of an optometrist.

I, personally, never seen a green squash that was not a zucchini. That is not to say they don't exist. They very well could.

That last question did make sense.

There is a car alarm going on outside because some idiot set it off themselves. It could not possibly be that someone is trying to steal a car. That's absurd.

What? Oh yeah. A shame. (see above.)

Alex said...

By the way, did you ever see or hear of that movie where the guy was so fed up with people ignoring car alarms that he started beating up cars if the alarm was left on too long. Scary world we live in. *hides*

Vita said...

That's so true about car alarms! They're only helpful if the owner of the car happens to hear it, go to turn it off, and finds someone trying to steal it... but when does that happen? NEVER.

I think it's another example of people not wanting to get involved-slash-people being complete wimps. Sans a car crash or something huge like that, most people wouldn't even intervene in obviously harmful situations if they didn't know the people involved...