Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Defense of Black & White Films

Since Alex has finished To Kill a Mockingbird, I've been thinking a lot about it. It's one of the (few) books I have been required to read for school that I didn't hate*, rereading it, it's even better without the essays and formal debate and such. But another one of the awesome things about reading books in school is at the end of the unit/testing: Watching the MOVIE version and wasting 4 days on it. The movie doesn't maim the book**, Gregory Peck is fantastic and incredibly similar to the Atticus in my head whilst reading the book. (I also find him attractive. Glasses = Rawr.)

Beeth warned, dear blogizens, that if you for some reason dislike the non-colorful cinema of the 20th century, you will not like this movie. It's happened to me before. *sigh* Sad, sad story telling time:

My friend REFUSES to watch black and white films that are not part of the school curriculum. Even though older movies kind of rock that way. (and by "old", I mean like, the beginning of The Wizard of Oz and/or the epic win that is Young Frankenstein-- wherein the effect was used to parody the really old Frankenstein movies, but color HAD been invented.) The preceding parentheses provide good examples.*** When questioned about this all she ever does is retort, "They're OLDDD. :P". Sarcastically, but it gets on my nerves sometimes so my only reply is, "Manga is in black and white. :P" She's an anime/manga nerd, I learn towards "real" books/movies/movies based on books. Kind of the same situation as you and your proclaimed metal-head friend, Vita. It's just a different preference, (yours is more reasonable to dislike...) not like I'm going to kill her for it.

ANYwaaaay, I'm all for another book club of TKAM, as it is awesome. Thoughts?

*As opposed to: Lord of the Flies (which may hopefully make SOME kind of sense if I read it now, lots of symbolism and killing things), Jonathan Livingston Seagull, (some kind of religious parallel, about seagulls. I do not recommend.) Jacob Have I Loved (Beginning: "Oh, my life sucks." Middle: "That 80 year old guy has pretty hands... my life sucks." End: "I'm an ADULT-- but my life still sucks." *headpiano*)
**Unlike some others I could mention, but right now it's The Lovely Bones. Good book though.
***Others: Persepolis (B&W AND foreign!), Roman Holiday (more of Gregory Peck!)


Alex said...

I'm not a huge fan of b&w movies but I don't hate them. My sister is very into Marilyn Monroe right now for some reason. She bough a boxed set of all her (17) movies. Maybe I haven't seen enough of them to have a full opinion but I will definitely watch TKAM with Gregory Peck.

Is it just me, or did anyone else think it's ironic that To Kill A Mockingbird is a black and white film? Huh? Huh? I thought so.

I'll probably also see the one that was made in 1998 or something (I think I saw that on IMDB) simply because it has Hayley from One Tree Hill in it. Even though I totally don't watch that idiotic sham of a tv show anymore.

Rena said...

Ahhh I GET it! Black and white... racism... hah. (Film nerd skills-- The tagline for YF, released during the post-civil-rights-era when it was still controvertial: "Presented in black and white... no offence.")

(bonus nerd-points: the comment-verification word is "Dalikes". Doctor Who semiscrambled reference? I've started watching it and it's pretty good.)

Vita said...

My god, I ADORE the movie version of TKAM. Not as much as the book, of course, but still A LOT. And yes, Gregory Peck is gorgeous. <3

I prefer color movies to black-and-white films, but I still watch black-and-white ones. "I Love Lucy" was black-and-white and it's one of my favorite shows. The one thing that really puts me off a black-and-white film is if it's difficult to see (like if the movie's really dark, lighting-wise; it's such a pain). Otherwise it's all good. :D

That's such an awesome tagline... :D