Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Schools for Dentists****

In regard to Hogwarts being real, BUT having to deal with the fact that *I* could not get in:

I'd be kind of mad, I suppose. Why not MEEEEE*, and on and on for a bit, but then I'd be cool with it. Just because I personally couldn't get doesn't mean it shouldn't exist for other people. It would be like telling me one day, "Hey, didja know there's a school for DENTISTS in Oregon?" (This, of course assuming I have no desire to be a dentist*********)

On various current movies:
Princess and the Frog: YES!!!** Naveen! Yay. As much as the story and characters are fantastic, I really like that Disney finally made a "normal" animated movie for the first time since... Mulan? That was the last good one. Possibly a "statement" finally renouncing classic Disney racism? But, if the setting/characters were changed, I don't think it would have nearly as good. (comments lengthened in footnotes, must get to other movies.)
Whip It: Also really good. Quirky and funny and featuring professional female kickers of ass.***
Sherlock Holmes: Now I really don't want to see it. I like the mysteries somewhat, but the fact that they turned it into an action movie completely erases the interest I had in it.
Pirate Radio: I'm going to have to go see that... *checks box*

Multiple footnotes:
* I was 10 when I started to read HP, my hopes were so incredibly crushed that summer. :( That's what I was like the first time, I might regress for a while if exposed to its reality.

*X9 a. Really I do not. Mouths of people. Sharp objects. Not for me.
b. But, in this context where "dentist" means "wizard" I DO have quite a desire to... yup, I'd be semi-bitter(sweet chocolate chips! :D) for maybe a week if I'm being honest. Then I'd be happy for the lucky ones.
c. Why Oregon? Far enough away to be out of mind, a la magical England.

**WHY DO I SEEM SO EXCITED? RAHAHAHA! (mania over, I'm not *that* fanatical about the movie, I'm just like THIS. TODAY.)

*** I want a roller derby name. I do NOT want to participate in roller derby. You have to be quite intimidating. I am not. Roar.

**** The Muggle equivalent of (sadistic) wizards, maybe. Hermione's parents are, anywhoz. (dentists, I mean. Not sadistic.)

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Vita said...

You're so much more selfless than me. :( lulz. I wouldn't want to ruin anyone's joy either, but I don't think that having one more person not know their secret-that-other-people-aren't-really-supposed-to know-anyway would send them into serious depression.

Dentist school in Oregon sounds fun, if you're the teeth-loving, West-Coastin' type. whoooooooo!