Sunday, January 3, 2010

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My hair is pink. Or at least the front. And it's not really pink pink, like a bubblegum pink but more like a dark pinky purple that looks brighter in the sunlight. I was going to say it sparkled in the sunlight but then I stopped myself.

Thinking about the colour pink reminds me of the fact that my sister used to state her favourite colour as bluey-pink which seems quite ridiculous now. Bluey-pink is not a colour. Blue and pink don't even mix. If you put together blue and pink it turns into purple, or something like it. End of story. Bluey-pink is a ridiculous thought.

I feel like talking about movies. I think I will do that. I've recently realized that my family is movie obsessed. We go to see, own and watch more movies than any household I know of.

I just saw Sherlock Holmes. Like, I literally just got home for the theater. I went because everyone in my family went which I don't normally do but today was an exception. Sherlock Holmes is not my type of movie. I'm not a huge fan of loudness, action or violence. Sherlock Holmes was a big mixture of all of those things plus some mystery solving stuff and funny-ness. The mystery stuff and funny stuff was enjoyable for me but the rest was not. Have you ever wanted to see the cross section of a pig? I didn't think you would. I had to close my eyes, and at some particularly explosive and loud parts ears, multiple times.

I got The Breakfast Club for Christmas, which I think I will watch again tomorrow as a reward for finishing my schoolwork (including but not limited to my essay on Romeo & Juliet/West Side Story). I love The Breakfast Club. I think it's a great story and you can really feel all the changes each character goes through during the ONE DAY of the movie. It always astounds me that all that happened in ONE DAY. Plus there's the great screenplay and humour and themes and message and stuff.

A couple weeks ago I saw a double feature of Pirate Radio and Whip It. Pirate Radio was amazing. The soundtrack alone is genius but the actors, screenplay and story were also excellent. Another strong point was Tom Sturridge who I think I have said is the most beautiful person ever. I need to see the movie again just for him. Great film. Gorgeous guy.
Whip It was also good, but was slightly overshadowed by the brilliance of Pirate Radio. I love Ellen Page. She's great. Despite following Pirate Radio, it was still funny and quirky and witty and awesome. The message was a marvelous, Nerdfightastic one: Do what you love; be who you want to be, etc. etc. Roller derby looks interesting but not something I'm interested in participating in.

After Pirate Radio and before Sherlock Holmes I saw The Frog Princess, another splendid addition to the Disney princess collection. Another strong message and can I just say that I loved Prince Naveen? He is, by far, by favourite Disney prince ever. He actually had a personality and made a progression through the movie. I know Vita's has seen it but I don't know about you, Rena. You have to see it while you can. Or you could wait for the dvd. Anyway, my favourite scene, which nearly made my cry, was when Naveen was going to propose and he made that ring out of the mardi gras beads and that dinner of minced veggies and it was the most adorable thing I've ever seen a frog do. And then he kept messing stuff up and it was so cute and pathetic and I'll stop before I spoil too much but it was really good. Another wonderful mix of funny and cute stuff and mushy stuff and magic.

I'll go now. Good luck on the going back to school.

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Vita said...

I agree about the Prince from The Princess and the Frog! He actually changed throughout the movie, PLUS he was funny - it's nice to see that. There are a few prince-type people who have also had some sort of personality, like the Beast in Beauty and the Beast and, OF COURSE, Simba in The Lion King (but he was the main character anyhow so it doesn't really count).