Monday, January 18, 2010


Oh... hey there.

I'm sorry for abandoning this blog for a week! Sad times on the internet front, I know.

Friday was crazy. It started out bad-crazy and ended good-crazy, weirdly enough. Friday began with me waking up at 4:30 a.m. to finish my Personal Project. (Why yes, I do procrastinate. Thanks for asking.) That sucked A LOT; my mom had to drive me to school because I didn't have time to finish the project and catch the bus. *facepalm* I DID finish the project, though, so good for me? Immediately after that, I had my first day of exams on Friday. Algebra II with Analysis * started at 7:25 a.m. (which is the time that a regular school day begins). Two straight hours of math is not my idea of a good time; however, it was surprisingly okay. I know I got a few questions wrong (I forgot how to do Cramer's Rule! What the hell?! I was SO GOOD at Cramer's Rule back in the day!), but I wrote SOMETHING for every question so I'll probably at least get partial credit. The good part was that I was SO AWAKE during that first exam. Whenever I only get four hours of sleep, I don't feel tired at all in the morning. (The afternoon is a different story...) My other exam for the day was for Introductions to Engineering - so. easy. One of the questions was - I kid you not - "*picture of ruler* Is this an English or metric ruler?" Uhh...

I finished exams at noon, so I ran out and got sustenance (i.e. Starbucks) before returning to school for the final run-through of the One-Acts. Perhaps I haven't explained what the One-Acts are: as the name suggests, they are a compilation of four different shows, each with only one act. Three of the shows were 10-15 minutes long and one was more than 45 minutes. The whole thing is completely student-directed and student-run (although not student-written). I must admit that there was a general feeling of resentment towards them because they were scheduled for the week leading up to exams, BUT the actual show was super fun. All of the shows were fabulous. <3 Anyhoo, I stayed for the rehearsal. It started out sluggish and got progressively more interesting and then a few of us went out for an unofficial Chinese food party. <3

A General Timeline of my Day:
<---sucky---suckish---okay---decent---good---good---really good---awesome---sleep--->

Long story short, my life has been boring to anyone but me and I have very little to talk about today other than FUDGE I HAVE A CHEM MIDTERM TOMORROW AND I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING. And you probably don't want to hear me complain about that for lawd knows how long, so I shall depart. More interesting post Friday, I expect!

Alex, good luck with your upcoming exams. Rena, congrats on finishing yours (I think you finished yours just recently, right?).

* On my schedule, it's written as Alg II w/Anal. Whoever thought up that abbreviation clearly didn't care that they were sending it to a plethora of teenagers. Also, I'm not sure how Alg II w/A is different from regular old Alg II - all I know is that everyone in MYP gets the fun little "w/Anal" part on their schedule. FUN TIMES.


Rena said...

Yes yes yes! *points up* Although while they were going on I would have preferred to have 1 a day (or something as it sounds like you have) I'm just glad I got them over with, AND I know my Spanish grade for the semester. :)

Vita said...

How many do you have per day? I have a max of 2. If you only have 1 you can come in late or leave early depending when your exam is, and if you have none you get a day off, lucky people!