Thursday, January 14, 2010

It All Makes Sense at the End

Is the theme school or issues with school? I'm good with both.

Two weeks and counting until exams. Luckily, I have finished all math assignments on a high note and I just have to revise which basically means learning everything again in two weeks. Huzzah!

But then there's English for which I have three essays to write (not mentioning the one that is apparently in the exam). I think the person who wrote this course was a little obsessed with comparing things. First there was the Romeo and Juliet vs. West Side Story. Now I'm going to compare the Odyssey (which, thank God, I don't have to read) and Lemminkainen's Lament (just when I thought it was behind me). Then after that I'm comparing the Odyssey to The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood. Then there's the essay that I have a choice of writing about either rites of passage in our society (I can pick any one I like. Yay for... freedom?) or racism in our society. So that's great. After that, I believe I'm done. Why am I not excited my this? Three essays into two weeks. Who said high school was no fun?

On a happier note, I starting going to this writing class thing on Sunday and it was AWESOME!!!!!!! I can't put enough exclamation points behind that. Here are some more!!!!!! We talked about Margaret Atwood (who is Canadian!!) at the gathering. I will share a charming anecdote.

One time Margaret Atwood was at a party and she was talking to a man who was a brain surgeon. He said that maybe when he retired he would take up writing novels and she said, saucy minx that she is, that when she was retired maybe she would take up brain surgery. Her point is not actually that encouraging to me but I must realize that apparently writing is hard. I thought it was all about hitting the right keys at the right time, but apparently there's more to it than that.

I had a dream about Maureen Johnson last night. I actually have a huge (and thoroughly non-romantic) crush on mj. She is exactly what I want to be when I grow up: a writer of YA fiction, living in a big city, in cahoots with John Green. I would like to job shadow her. But enough of my weird obsession.

You can probably tell that I'm writing this a little late because it's so scatterbrained. I think I'm seeing an equation here: Alex blogging when she wants to be reading City of Ashes + Alex blogging at 11pm = crazy blog that is all over the place with zero segues that is probably hard to follow for the untrained reader. If you're feeling confused about if and how this blog makes sense to anyone you should be comforted (or deeply worried) that it all makes sense to me in my mind.

I feel like explaining even though we're getting quite lengthy here. First I was talking about school that led to the Odyssey which led to my novel study, The Penelopiad, which is based on a character in the Odyssey. The Penelopiad was written by Margarat Atwood who is Canadian and an author just like Maureen Johnson, who I had a dream about last night. Satisfied?

Now, go home terrorist.*

*If you don't understand that reference, I am very sorry. Your life is grim, indeed.

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