Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hypothetical Screenplay-thing

Blatantly stealing idea from Alex, but at least it's applicable. 9 days, and I'm considerably more psyched than I was in October. Then it seemed like this huge, looming deadline of NOT FUN. Now that I know I can do it, (somewhat) I'm ready to just start and I'm not (as) afraid to see where it goes.*

But, based on my "influences"** I can say generally that it's going to be a little nerdy-romantic-comedy-ish meets Monty Python, with Hayao Miyazaki-ish scenery*** Kind of. Also, school has become "that place we go for 8 hours a day to meet the hours requirement set by the district or some such authority instead of actually learning things****.", because spring break is coming up. So that means I have a week to devote all my waking hours to it instead of having to do actual schoolwork much. This I quite like.

*Transition into lengthy comment on Vita's post, thus it can be inferred that I don't have many original ideas today...*

Hmmm. I must have an awesome spam-filter then because I only get emails from people I actually converse with, and the stupid Twitter notifications. "Ingrid_xxx is now following you on Twitter!" Yes, Twitter. I know. The majority of my followers are pornbots. Don't rub it in, I don't block them because they make me look like I have more followers, which makes me look significant and interesting. Don't take that away from me, Twitter.

Or, you may be implying that I am subject to this bombardment after I start really looking at colleges. DO NOT WANT. (Protect the poor, innocent freshman...)


* I could just be in denial over this, but it's contented denial.

** This sounds so much more acceptable than "I like this movie. I'm going to imitate it a little, twist it around by its neck until it dies and mash it with other things until it becomes *almost* unrecognizable.

*** No disrespect to any of the above. What I really mean is, I'll probably have a logical, if dull, plot for awhile and then get bored with it halfway through and just stick bits like this in for fun and a few extra pages of script. (At least I'm being self-aware.) In the case of the former, it was presumably meant as, like, deliberate surrealism. So pretty much in that vein, but for lack of better ideas. With awesome scenery. (Probably easier to manipulate it animated, but still.)

**** I take that back. Currently we're learning about the many ways to smash eggs when they are dropped from long distances upward.

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