Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kittens! (and More About KRAZY KOLLEGE)

**Yes, I will purposefully murder the spelling of words that would otherwise start with a C simply for the sake of alliteration. Your point?**

So, this commercial. It can only be described as trippy. That's pretty much the bottom line of that. Weirdly... plain weird. Psychedelic even. Good job, cat-food marketing department. Maybe it's because I don't own a cat, but I do not understand this at all. Alice in Wonderland-esque? But for cats? The use of mind-altering substances is questionable, but the message gets across, yes? Cat eats food. Food acts as a magical portal into vibrant world of extremely colorful hallucinations*


In other news, I am quite enjoying today, having gotten up early** of my own accord, done nothing mindfully or physically strenuous, and am looking forward to several more days of essentially the same thing. Spring/Easter Break w00t.*** As a comment to Vita's post, all I have to say is that I feel really terrible when the subject of colleges is brought up, because I kind-of-sort-of know what I want to major in, not what the entire rest of my academic life is going to be including the exact college I want to get into. Nor do I know like FER SURE that one test taken in November of freshman year will determine whether Harvard will REJECT ME FOR LIFE OOOOH NOOO. (Or the more favorable opposite of that.) Seriously. On the day the results of said test were given out (with a list thing of colleges we could possibly get into based on our scores) a few people in my counselor-group were IN TEARS. WTF? Chill. These are smart, extra-curicular-participating people. You are not going to die.


*Are there any other kinds of hallucinations? Black and white hallucinations?
** Er, 8:30
***It can't really be called Easter Break, what with being a religious holiday not everyone celebrates, but the administration conveniently arranges it around the week of Easter. For obvious reasons. I live in a very, very predominately Christian suburb that makes sad, sad attempts at diversity/awareness etc. A bit of an aside (maybe I'm just being cynical, maybe I'm just trying to prove a point. I'll let you decide):

Near Winter Break, I was talking to a girl in my Spanish class. I said "winter break", she got confused and corrected me,
"You mean Christmas Break?"
*similar point about different religions and so on*
"Oh, that doesn't matter. Like, the entire world is Christian anyway."
"I mean, like the highest percentage of the world is Christian. *Almost* everyone."
"I'm pretty sure it's Hinduism. Or Islam. The population of India is higher than the US, even though the US has a high percentage of Christians..."

Want more kittens? :)


Vita said...

Aww. I'd be worried if, in my senior year, I took a test that I wouldn't get into any college. Not so early in high school though. I mean, for all they know, they could fail the other three years and end up being a crackwhore on the sidewalk (although they probably wouldn't ever allow that to happen to themselves). Point is, there are worse things that "failing" one test.

And there, I just unnecessarily summarized that entire paragraph. The fuckkk

ANYWAY, that kitten commercial is indeed trippy. I'm not sure I'd feed my cat that cereal...

Anonymous said...

It's ironic that you call the commercial "Alice in Wonderland-esque" because last month I went to see that movie in theaters, and they played that commercial. In 3D. O.o