Sunday, March 28, 2010

I am tired and sleepy

Yes, it is possible to be both tired and sleepy without being redundant. My body is tired from waking up at 7:30 for the past SEVEN DAYS (!!!!!!) and from tramping around Vancouver today* and my mind is tired from functioning early in the morning for the past seven days.

I have to go right now and shower because tomorrow is my last early morning but I will definitely probably edit this tomorrow. Look forward to my commentary on how eating breakfast at 7:45 sucks.

*seriously, Vancouver is practically my home. I just wrote mom instead of home. That's how sleepy I am... I learned in my writing class today that ellipses are overused. Suckas...

The second I'm finished this, I am going to do some school. You know what that means...? Lunchtime.

I was quite confused when I saw Rena's* tweet about how she was following suit by not blogging because I swore I wrote a blog on Thursday and I had. Apparently, I didn't post it, which shows you just how tired I was at the end of the week.

So I've been a TA for Japanese students... I kind of wrote this on Thursday. But anyway, I've been getting up at 7:30 and getting on the bus and then being at school for seven hours. I have a couple issues with being at school for seven hours.
  1. Having to wake up before I actually would like to.
  2. Having to eat breakfast at 7:45 and not being able to eat lunch until 12pm.
  3. Having to sit at a table for most of seven hours.
I don't even know how you school children do that. EVERY weekday of your life from age five to eighteen. No wonder everyone loves summer so much. I feel really spoiled as a home schooler now.

Anyway, enough about that. I missed what I'm sure was an awesome slam poetry show last night which reminded me that Rachel made a video for our collab channel LivingroomNinjas on Friday where she read a poem by Shayne Koyczan and all of this led me to want to tell you to listen to this poem now.

So hi. I've seen Shayne, who performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympics, once and that was at the Vancouver Readers and Writers Festival. He performed a couple pieces all of which were stupendous but one of which stuck with me especially and that one was Stop Signs. It was a beautiful poem and funny too and listening to it gives me shivers. I know it's long (seven minutes--ah!) but I think it's worth listening too and I really hope that you do.

The thing about slam is that it's not read on a page poetry. Whatever idea of poetry you may hold, slam is different. It's still poetry but it's spoken word, meant to be expressive and told, not flat on a piece of paper. If you ever have an opportunity to see it, you should. It's amazing.

I'm out. Listen to Stop Signs and think about how awesome it would be to have someone around who just wanted to be around you forever and make you happy which is what I think about when I read about how much Quentin loves Margo in Paper Towns.

A few quotes in case you don't listen to it:
"I’m willing to pay interest on the penny for your thoughts
Mortgage my mind finance an expedition that
would find me a better way to get to know you"

"I wanna give you a lump of coal for Christmas
and tell you, in a million years it's gonna be a diamond
and will you wait for me til then?"

"And I admit it, I’m committed.
Everything I’ve done I did it to make you smile
Cos it’s been the largest part of a long while
Since I had someone do that for me."

*I can't keep myself from pronouncing your name Ree-na even after I learned that it's Ren-a. It is Ren-a, right?


Vita said...

I listened to about half the poem but I wasn't really grasping the words. Not because it's a bad poem but because I just wasn't in the artistic mood, haha. I'll listen to all of it soon though. In general I'm not a huge poetry fan, mostly because I don't understand the vast majority of it, but the little snippets you posted are quite lovely.

Did the Japanese students speak English or was it an exchange program or what? It sounds pretty cool, and money is always good ;)

Rena said...

If my real name is any indication it's supposed to be "Ren-a", yes, but when I first saw it spelled I thought "Ray-na" for some reason. You have my permission to say "ree-na" in your head or otherwise. I like having an ambiguously pronounceable name.

I listened to the poem and was alternately confused and awed. I can't come up with any deep comment or critique, but I liked it.

*points and laughs at teh spoiled homeskooler* Naw, for serious. It sucks mostly. (I get up at 6:00, eat at 6:20ish, and cannot eat again until around 12:30.) But it sounds worthwhile.