Monday, December 7, 2009

math, math, matheus math (algeydore!)

Blogging from a new computer. YAY! :DDD

Any time math involves straying from a worksheet and getting out extra paper, something is wrong.

I.e., most math is wrong.

Not incorrect, but impractical. When am I going to need this in life?

This is true of many things. I understand that they want us to be somewhat sentient creatures and that they want to Open our Eyes to the Field O' Dreams that is our Future/more career choices, but I can say with absolute certainty that I am NEVER EVER going to do anything involving chemistry (the science, not the romantic attraction) or math that involves things more complex than the Pythagorean Theorum or long division.

And I'm not talking about long division with polynomials, either.

I don't want to limit myself or others, but wouldn't it be better for us to learn how to do taxes or balance a checkbook? Some people like math, and that's great - go Algebrafy yourself to your heart's content, O Smart Ones. I, however, do not. It's not like I want to start a revolution over this and overthrow the school system, but I won't deny that there are times when I am abso-freaking-lutely no idea what the point of it all is.


Are we still doing questions? No? Okay: *

Question: What are your EXCITING WINTER BREAK plans? Also, how long do you get off for the Break of the Gods? (I get approximately a week and a half off. Or 10 days. Or something like that. LAME.)

PS, I am ALL FOR a new book. I <3 The Book Thief to bits (and I'm rereading it now!) and Going Bovine is extremely well suited for discussion. Leviathan is also a possibility, if you want to do that; I haven't read it but I should be able to get it if needed. :)

*do you like how I ignore this completely? I DO! :P

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Alex said...

I'm doing trigonometry in math right now. I'm not sure what the purpose of trigonometry is or if I'll ever use it apart from on the exam, but I'm leaning it. Thankfully the unit is short so it should be finished soon. Whether I will have mastered it by the time I want to move on is another story.

I only stopped doing questions because a) I couldn't think any up and b) I lost track of how many I hadn't answered. Welcome back, Questions.