Thursday, December 3, 2009

Preaching to the choir

I'm so sick and tired of the fact that we need to have people fighting for gay rights. I thought we were past the place in history where people didn't have rights. I thought everyone was equal.

And yet there are still people who are denied their rights and I'm just so lost in how that happened. What gives some people the ability to say, "You're different and an abomination and you can't get married"?

I'm not the hugest fan of marriage in general. I think Ben Affleck said it best in He's Just Not That Into You. Why do people feel the need to pay money to the government so that they can get a certificate that says 'You're Married! Yay!'? If you're really in love with someone and you care about each other why do you need to prove that to your friends and family by having an expensive ceremony?

Marriage itself is so flawed. Is a certificate really going to stop someone from being unfaithful? It's not going to stop them from leaving you. It'll just take a little longer to get the paperwork settled.

Yes, it's a nice concept. Promising to be with someone forever and caring for the other when they're sick? It sounds awesome. Who doesn't want to have a partner throughout their life that they can trust to be there and support them?
What I'm saying is not that people can't be monogamous. Power to those people. If my grandparents can do it, so can you. What I'm saying is what Ben's character advocates for in the movie. If your partner promises to stand by you and love you, isn't that enough?

It's enough for me.

But anyway, if you do feel the need to express that love with a fancy party, you do that. There's also the privileges of marriage, and that is the part that is important in these cases, I suppose.

I'm so confused as to how people can be so close minded. Who are these people that say gay couples aren't worthy of being married? They can't be that different from the rest of us, other than their obvious lack of compassion and kindness. I cannot even grasp how they can still fail to understand that whether or not they think it's 'right' these people are still people and they deserve fairness and equality.

I don't even believe it's a matter of gay rights anymore. I believe it's a matter of equal rights for all.
I want to meet the people that vote no for equality just like I would like to have a conversation with the politicians who have no intention to give the world a real climate change deal in Copenhagen and the people who think that Harry Potter is evil. I just want to sit down and have a conversation about what is wrong with them. Maybe that's a little harsh. Maybe not.

Maybe something's not wrong with them. But something is definitely wrong with the notion that some people are lesser than other's and thus deserve less rights. I thought equality was standard in North America. Apparently I was wrong.
I would like to end the blog there on a strong, hopefully resonating sentence, but I had some other bits to add. I've now finished both Going Bovine and Liar and I'm reading Leviathan. Yay!
Book club soon? Oh and did we talk about doing The Book Thief or was that in my imagination??


Vita said...

I feel you. There's such a double standard regarding marriage it's ridiculous. ASKFHFSLAKHF I don't even know what to say; if you are homophobic, you are BIGOTED. I don't know how to make that more clear to homophobic people. ARGH.

I agree with you on marriage because I think that having a piece of paper that says "___ and ____ are married" doesn't really do anything for a relationship. But other than the fact that it's completel unfair to NOT give gay couples that same privilege, civil marriage grants you all sorts of rights.
For instance, if a couple who isn't married adopts a kid, only one of the parents are legally attached to the kid. So if a gay couple wants to adopt, only one parent would technically be the "legal" parent. It's so unfair. There's all sorts of legal stuff attached to marriage nowadays, which is why I personally feel that marriage is a HUGE committment. If a gay couple wants to have the same rights and advantages as a straight couple, and they want to do that by pursuing marriage, why on EARTH should we stop them?

Rena said...

Exactly. I can't say this without being redundant but simply put, homophobes are plain idiots with no valid argument for their point of view. It won't TURN people gay, it won't "ruin" the "sacred institution" of heterosexual marriage-- this is just a matter of equality and those who deny them that are morons.

Who's even heard of a gay couple getting divorced? I'd say THEY'RE better at keeping marriage "sacred" if it means not leaving the person they pledged their eternal love to. Sure, I'm speaking as a slightly biased child of a divorce meselfs, but if you want to be married in my eyes just LOVE each other and don't leave no matter what might happen. That's what marriage is.

Light note: Yep, which do you guys want to do first?