Tuesday, December 22, 2009

*stares blankly at title line*

Hello, blog.

Haven't seen you in a while... *waves*

Only excuse: Slept til 12:30 Saturday, generally did nothing but wait for blog topics to magically appear. Winter break FTW. 12 days of doing nothing, 2 days of spazzing over finals and making a children's book about the values of Zen Buddhism. Fun times.

Charity of choice: The Charity for Awesome that Helps Every Single Cause in the Universe Equally!

... I can't pick one, but because the commercials always severely depress me I'm going to say the ASPCA off the top of my head. Come on. Sad puppies? How can you not support a charity that makes the puppies NOT SAD?

Further comment about Vita's blogs: (could be put in the comments section under those particular blogs, but for the sake of length, let's just do this, shall we?) Organ donation has always creeped me out, frankly. The idea of my body being manipulated and cut open and having organs removed and all that makes me cringe, regardless of the fact that I'm going to be dead. Terrific concept, really. Props to people who aren't squeamish even whilst dead. The waiting list to get kidneys and stuff is incredibly long and YAY for people willing to sacrifice their dead body to save someone.

Music is awesome. I'm not very *good* musically, but I can appreciate it and I have an opinion of it. Not to overgeneralize, but generally: (DINGDINGDING! Contradiction! I know, I know...)

All rap/hiphop-- sucks
All metal/screaming-who-the-eff-knows-what-it-is-- 90 percent suck
Miley Cyrus and her clones and/or male counterparts-- vast majority of suck
Soundtracks to movies/Broadway-- Love love love.

I don't bash people who like these genres, I don't want to be bashed for being a Broadway nerd. (Though I probably deserve it... but so do Miley-crazies!)

Everything other than that I would have to judge on a song-by-song basis, using a scale of 1 to 20.

I'm going to assume you don't want to read about that.

(*gloaty gloaty obnoxious time*: Pre-X-mas Scrabble match-- WIN. Best word: equine. 70 points. =D )


Alex said...

You got 70 points for ONE WORD?

I played Scbarle* tonight with my word creating sisters and "let's follow the rules or I quit" mother and my overall score was 98. So if you scored 70 points on one word, you are my hero.

*I thought I'd leave that typo because it somewhat translates my ability to play Scrabble. Not in a 'I can't spell' way but in a 'Is Scbarle a word?' way

Rena said...

Triple letter score on the Q, double word score. My high is 314. It takes practice. And the knowledge that "qi" and "xi" and "hyrax" are words.

(Challenge EVERY SINGLE WORD. Scarble may be a word. It's not NOT a word until someone can prove it. :P)

Vita said...


I wish I had your Scarble skills.