Tuesday, December 8, 2009


*I had to delete the other one so this showed up on Tuesday instead of Sunday* Enjoy the random. Forty-two!*

How often are you in a bad mood?
When I have good reason... or it's Monday.

Does school make you absolutely miserable? If so, why?
Not particularly, but I could do without Math or PE. Or people. Thanksies.

Who is the sexiest man/woman you've ever seen?
Difficultness! Maybe not *the* absolute sexiest, but I have a "thing" for (elderly) actors... GREGORY PECK. GENE WILDER. *squee* I could go on.... I've pretty much taken up a permanent stay at the "People you fancy but really shouldn't" board at the Nerdfighter Ning. British, elderly gay men. I lurves them so...

What do you think about nudist communities?
Power to them. How much courage do you think it takes 60 year old women to walk around entirely naked?

Are you convinced that your religion is the RIGHT one of thousands?
Absolutely not. Confused agnosticish/Buddhist/vaguely Christian/Jedi mix is NOT the "right" one, nor is any religion.

How many channels are you subscribed to on Youtube?

What was your favorite Harry Potter book?
Seventh or third. Or fourth. Any and ALL, you should know by now any variation on this question makes me conundrumify my headz. Even if YOU are the Internet. This is just common knowledge.

Do you like teen fiction?
Agreed with Alex. Most of it, but some is just terrible.

What's the difference between a genius and a prodigy?
A prodigy learns things quickly, but then levels out to average after childhood. A genius is always incredibly smart and finds out other insanely genius stuffs. I.e, one Eureka!! moment and then... well you're thinking up anagrams whilst on a kickass road trip. I'd aim for prodigy.

Have you ever made straight A's?
Naw. Maybe in like 4th grade, but ART screwed that one. *bitter*

Have you ever failed anything?
You mean like "EPIC FAIL!!!11", or like, legit F on a project? Both. I'm not telling you anytink... *shifty eyes*

Is there anything really wrong with being a stripper?
If they're cool with it then why not?

Does marriage mean anything these days?
It means something, for sure. What it means exactly I'm not certain.

What's the weather like where you are in the winter?

Are you afraid of dying? Why or why not?
I'm wary of the WAY I'm going to die; death itself I am fine with.

Why is Freddie Mercury so awesome?
Bohemian. Rhapsody. Crazy awesome name change. Yeah, just awesome.

What kind of things do you like to watch on Youtube?
The 45 channels I'm subscribed to.

Would you have fallen in love with Disney's version of Quasimodo?
All I know is that a boy used to hit me on the head with a Quasi doll in preschool. I vaguely remember the movie, so no.

What class are you, graduation-wise?
2013. Assuming we make it til then. AHHHH THE WORLD IZ GONNA END NOOOOOEZZZ!!!

What about social-wise?
Middle-nish class, I suppose. It shouldn't matter either way. History has taught us that. (Ooooh! Oooh! I taught something! Actually I just referenced a vague concept that could be taken from history, but I DO NOT CARE. I caused LER-ning!)

Would you ever want to be a celebrity? Why or why not?
Sure, that could be fun for a while. Then I could become a crazy cool recluse/philanthropist. Always cool. Plus going through the whole "peak of fame" thing wouldn't be so bad.

Would you mind being stalked by the paparazzi and having no privacy at all?
I'm not going to lie-- I would enjoy that for exactly a week. No longer.

Do you ever feel you think way too much?
Definitely. Not all the time though. When I have nothing else to think about I think about ONE thing until I spazz. It's fun being insane and I've generally accepted it. :D

Have you ever tried to grasp your mind around how huge the universe is?
Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letterbox, they tumble blindly as they make their way, across the universe... Jai guru deva, ohmmmmmmmm...
Huh? There was a question? I suppose so, but judging how many SMALL things boggle my mind, I try not to that often.

Did you lie on any questions?
I might have modified my first set of answers... but never the complete opposite of my real opinion, no.

Vita's questions:

Math = PURE SUCK. Like that little equation??? I'm taking "Consumer Ed" next year, which teaches practical junk like buying insurance and planning a budget so you don't starve and can pay bills... as boring as that sounds and it probably WILL be, it sounds absolutely necessary. Transitioning into blabbering about school: I found out today that finals are scheduled on my birthday. Also suck, but that's in May. Noooot going to worry about it from nooooooowwwww.... lalalalalala deedledeedledeeee... MARSHMALLOWS!

Winter break: Hahaha! I get the week of Christmas (starts early cuz it's a Friday, right?) and then the week of New Years. So 10 school days total, yup.

Book club: I'd start it, but this is already crazy long and I would have to Google for formal questioningness... and only once we have chosen one to do first. Eventually discussing both of them (plus Leviathan after Going Bovine/ The Book Thief) of course.

Question: (because I guess we're still doing them... if we are not I am going to cleverly ignore it, as Vita has. :) We probably just don't need random questions to keep this discussion going any more, but the answers are pretty interesting.)

What is the funniest sounding number? (BONUS! Same question, but with the most inherently funny word you can think of. It differs from person to person, as I have learned through Wikipedia.)

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