Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mini SPAM Yeti!

**News from the Internetz**


Didja watch it?

Until the veeeeery end?

Pinky Swear?

Okay, I'll trust you know this but then get all excited about it anyway....

Miniature Yeti! Nerdfighterbaby! Decrease of WorldSuck via procreation! *happy danceness* Weird, I only know these people through the Internet and I'm excited. That's how awesome YouTube and Nerdfighteria and the total connectedness within the Nerdfighter community is.

On a sadder note-- I lost a bet. 5 minutes ago. What was it about, you ponder? What was lost?

Answers: Spam, my dignity.

Background: Whilst discussing the Spam song, my mom and I got into an argument as to whether the song had any more words than just "Spaaaaam" over and over. Apparently, there are exactly THREE words in the entire song-- Spam, (of various pitch and duration) lovely, and wonderful. (both adjectives describing said Spam) My mother considered these two extra words a victory. I tried to (in a very reasonable way) explain that there was no actual verse, and thus it is not a real song. This resulted in further argument, mostly in British accents. ("I DON'T EVEN LIKE SPAM!" "Doesn't bloody matter, love! LOVELY SPAAAAAAM! WONDERFUL SPAAAAAM! I was right and you were wrong, Spammity spammity spam!!")

Ahhh, lovely wonderful spammy British people. The origins of the e-mail spam are also supposedly derived from this sketch, referring to the repetitive/annoying nature of the word Spam. (Wikipedia knows everything)

The whole Spammity thing to which I was referring Deliciously absurd.

(Yes, Vita, I stole your video idea. But it takes up space and hopefully distracts you both from the lack of content in this blog. ;) )

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