Friday, July 16, 2010

Bloggity Blog Blog

Today in chronological order:

1) A 3.6 earthquake literally jolted me out of my slumber at about 5:00 this morning. Talking with my friends, we realized that we all had the same reaction: "That feels like an earthquake... but it can't be; we're in Maryland. Maybe it's a really huge truck?" My biggest regret is that I was only half-awake for it and thus the entire experience feels somewhat dreamlike. I think it helped me go back to sleep, though. It was sort of relaxing. (I know that earthquakes can be massively destructive and I'm not making light of that, but c'mon. You have to admit that when they're not doing any damage, earthquakes are pretty damn cool.)

2) After handing in a potentially crappy essay and consuming two extremely greasy pieces of pizza (courtesy of the IB office), I finished my two-week IB "enrichment" program for the summer. To put it simply, it was basically a summer school that one attends not for lack of passing classes but to prep for IB next year (99.5% it was compromised of former MYP students entering IB). Unfortunately - but hardly surprisingly - it reinforced the fact that for the next two years I am going to be juggling a truckload of work. On the plus side, all of the teachers (whom I may not even have next year, but no matter) were really cool and despite the fact that it was mostly just review, I actually feel like I learned something.

3) I took a two hour nap. Sleeping is fun.

4) I changed my guitar strings for the first time and I think it was largely successful! I ought to have done this, like, a year ago... oh well. It's actually kind of fun after you get over the initial shock of "oh crap I'm taking my guitar apart."

5) I lied and once again did not post the extremely vague post that I said I would post in a post two posts ago. (Hehe.) I f'reals promise that I shall post it this upcoming Monday.

6) I start Driver's Ed on Monday. Not really looking forward to it, especially because my friend who was maybe going to do it with me never actually signed up for it... haha, but it'll be fine. I'll be getting it over with so that I can hopefully get my Provisional before the end of my Junior year. Speaking of, I still need to get my permit... but I'm going to do that after I finish these classroom lessons. Better to wait and pass the test the first time, right?

My goal from here on out is to, essentially, get better at blogging. Strangely, I feel like my blog posts a year ago were better than my blog posts now - you'd think I would have improved, but no, I've just been getting lazy. The problem is not that I don't have good ideas but that I procrastinate and then end up delivering you a blog post of similar quality to, er, this one.

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