Monday, July 12, 2010

Poetry: Abridged


This isn't what I promised I would write about today. Sorry; that will for sure be on Friday. I didn't have time to finish writing it today, what with my summer-school-going and Harry-Potter-marathon-watching and my poem-analyzing.

Which is what I'm going to (very briefly) talk about: poetry. Perhaps you recall the many times that I expressed my disinterest in poetry, primarily because I didn't understand it? Well, I have by no means been transformed into a poetry expert, but I have at least been enlightened to the ways of poetry. It's all about emotion - not the poet gushing out their every heartbreak, but the reader or listener's (that doesn't sound like a word) reaction. It's what you feel. It's what the poem means to you. And yes, even with all that open ended interpretation, it is still possible to interpret a poem incorrectly, but there is no right/wrong answer per say.

Anyway, read this poem and then read it about four more times and then tell me that the last three lines aren't some of the saddest and most beautiful words you've ever read. (If you don't know what the Vietnam War Memorial in DC looks like... it pretty much looks like this, but bigger.)

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Rena said...

I like it because it's subtle. Connecting a huge wall of faceless names to the realness of all those people having families who now have to stare at a name instead of a person is really sad.