Monday, July 26, 2010

LeakyCon '11

As you two (Alex and Rena) are aware, LeakyCon is next year. Now, I don't know how serious you two are about going, but I for one would love to go if it proves to be at all possible. However, there are several rather large problems that may prove difficult to resolve. I'm going to list them out here just so you know where I am, registration-wise, and as you may have the same problems, perhaps we can discuss them and see if going to LeakyCon is at all feasible...

1) Firstly and most importantly, one must be eighteen or older to attend LeakyCon unchaperoned. Unless you two are planning on aging two+ years in the span of one year, this presents a problem, namely that none of us are going to be eighteen next summer. (Unless, of course, there is something you're not telling us. But I have faith in you.) Essentially this leaves us with the option of attending the conference with either a parent or with another 21+ "chaperone," which is unfortunate but unavoidable. I can think of two solutions to this problem:
a) Get fake ID's/passports that make us out to be eighteen or older. However, I do not recommend this solution as
i) It is illegal and I would rather not have the government angry with me,
ii) It is illegal and also sneaky and I would rather not have my parents disown me*
iii) Regardless of the aforementioned flaws, it is illegal and I would rather not spend all that money only to have the LeakyCon people somehow find out and kick me off the premises.
b) Have a parent and/or 21+ person come with me, which is more difficult than it may sound because
i) We do not have tons of money to throw around all willy-nilly and neither of my parents would be keen on spending upwards of $200 dollars (including a plane ticket or gas money) to register for a conference that they are not the least bit interested in attending,
ii) I don't know very many people who are 21 or older, by which I mean I am not good friends/family friends/etc. with anyone who is 21 or older who also loves Harry Potter enough to pay to go to a conference about it.

2) LeakyCon is pretty expensive and while I'd argue that it would ultimately be completely worth it... it's expensive. Between now and the time that registration closes, but preferably between now and September because after the latter prices go up, I would have enough money to be able to afford paying for the conference and a plane ticket. Still. It's expensive. And yes, I would have to pay for it myself... my parents are wonderful people but they don't buy me everything I want, especially not a $200 conference registration.
a) There aren't really any solutions to this problem, except to, like, make money. w00t.

3) I don't know about y'alls, but I actually don't know very many Nerdfighters/other hardcore HP fans. Of course, it can and should be correctly argued that HP gatherings are the perfect place to meet people, but they are also not the sort of place you want to go to completely uninitiated, you know? It wouldn't be a problem if, say, you two attended, but. (Always 'but.') Easier said than done.

Sadly, LeakyCon '11 is looking to be a mere dream, BUT perhaps it will work out somehow. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it! :)

* They wouldn't actually disown me, but they would be very very pissed off, to say the least. Also I don't think there is any way I would be able to sneak off to Florida without them suspecting something, namely that I snuck off to Florida.


Alex said...

I see the problems you have pointed out and I have thought about them before. My response:
1) Okay, yes. This is a problem. But what if it was paid *for* the chaperon? By us. And yes this makes it more expensive for us but this may be our only bargaining chip.
OR maybe we could work out some other way. Now that I think about it, I have an aunt in Florida who might be able to do something. Or a Harry Potter loving 23 year old cousin who might possibly maybe come. Maybe.
The real question is, would your parents let you go to Florida to meet up and stay with a couple of technical strangers for a week-ish?
2) Money. Yes. The big one. For me, anyway. My parents can't/won't pay for it, either. I don't think. *considers* Yeahno. My mom *might* sponsor my flight with her AirMile points but only maybe. And the flight is going to be the expensive bit for me. But money is doable. Jobs. Money. Saving. It's worth it, right?
3) I'm only going to go if one/both of you go. I'm sure it'd be really awesome and I'd love to see mj and John Green in person and go to HP world and everything. But alone? No thanks. Also if we split a hotel room and all that 'tis less money of which there are not buckets.

So yes, it's kind of a faint dream but it could happen. Crazier things have happened. I think we need to look at costs in full (conference, travel, hotel, food) and then see if that's actually doable. Because I think if we can cover the money part, everything else can work out. Hopefully. Plus it would be totally awesome.

Vita said...

If you had somebody who would be willing to "chaperone" (okay, I know that's the appropriate word, but it sounds so directed towards four year olds, you know?) both you and a seventeen year old stranger, then that would be awesome. If not unlikely.

From where I'm standing, I'd say my parents probably wouldn't be all into me staying with a random (but lovely, I'm sure) family they don't know. However, they've surprised me before, so. Maybe. I don't want to build my hopes up on this, though, as it would be quite a miracle if your various family members would, like, temporarily add a member (me) to their clan for a few days...

I'm going to brainstorm and get back to you guys on this.