Saturday, July 17, 2010

We's Cool, Yo.

It is the time of blogging, peeps!

Like Vita said, I'm pretty sure the quality of my blogs dropped off somewhere. I should try and fix that, yes? Yes. But, in a way, it's because the pressure to blog well has gone down. When we started out with this group-blog, I felt the need (even if it was all in my head, like most things are) to keep up the fa├žade that I have an interesting, bloggable life/endless ideas for thought-provoking blogs, because I saw that both of you did, and thus if I didn't I would be FAILING YOU. Now we've done this for over a year, I know it's okay to skip a day or blog about having nothing to blog about/daily life or whatever without being labeled an utter failure at the Internet. Not that I'm saying it's okay to give up on this*, but we're cool that way.** And, these types of blogs are more like everyday conversation (take that whichever way you will, whether standard communication has been reduced to mindless chatter, or whether we're familiar enough to carry on normally via-blog), rather than near-daily soliloquies of intelligence, wit, and observation.

Planning my blogs ahead of time would not only produce more readable and "deep" content so as to be more entertaining to the readers of this blog, but it would probably improve my writing skills as a whole. And they could stand some improvement. Ah, well. There's always BEDA.***

* Although I haven't. I don't know if it looks that way. My life has just been average and void of suitably bloggable thoughts as of late...
** I mean "cool" in the pseudo-gangsta "In my mind we are close enough to do this without it being stressful because others will still understand/accept it"-way. Or should I say we're jokes? Yeah.
*** Assuming you guys are participating? Shall we go back to the Ning? (Methinks MJ's been updating it or something.)

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Vita said...

We's cool yo, indeed. I like the sort of mutual, previously unspoken arrangement we have now! We're motivated to blog because we want to blog, not because there is some silent but greatly intimidating pressure from other internet people. (Not that it was ever, like, a chore. But still.) And it's nice to have the option to either have a long-standing conversation, as you said, or to burst forth with some nugget of genius if we so desire.

I'm definitely up for attempting BEDA #2! Hopefully the Ning is up and running. I like blogging on there; there's a sense of community that is quite encouraging on the days when you just really... don't... want... to... blog.