Saturday, July 10, 2010

Nostalgia: Always A Good General Topic

It's not even 10:30 but I am insane amounts of tired right now. As I should be, having driven myself to near-pointless insomnia as of late. Anyway...

Were either of you guys on Neopets when you were younger? Pre-YouTube/Twitter/Other social-networking-what-have-yous Neopets was teh ultimate awesum. I was an addict in 4th-7th grade. The games were time-consuming and fun and besides that there was an entire virtual world to do little tasks in. The pet creature-things (among other species, unicorns, wolves, and dragons could be owned. Awesome.) never died but loads of points were spent on food anyway. Those things were REAL, dammit. I went back on it for the first time in years once I decided on this as a blog topic, for research, and wasted about 2 hours on it. It's changed, but I still got drawn in really quickly. Ahh, nostalgia. It's strange to think of a.) The Internet and b.) a period of time in my life that ended only 3 years ago as being nostalgic, but it is. If/when I ever have to explain to future generations that a pet-based computer reality was how I spent most of my free time and have fond memories of during my childhood, it's going to be awkward.

And with that, I bid you buenos noches. (Obligatory promise of better blog later. Seriously though.)

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