Sunday, July 4, 2010

A General Update

It's 11:02 and I'm tired so rather than come up with something meaningful to write, I thought I'd give you a brief update on the goings on of my oh-so exciting existence.

Update 1: My keyboard is spazzing out. The keys are being difficult and I have to work twice as hard at typing.

Update 2: My sister saw Kellan Lutz (who plays Emmet) at the Eclipse premier in London but she said that she would have rather seen How To Train Your Dragon with me (which, incidentally, is a very enjoyable movie). I do miss my sister.

Update 3: Eclipse was mediocre. The third time is apparently not the charm. I feel really bad for Taylor Lautner due to the fact that he must feel horribly objectified what with not being allowed to wear a shirt ever. Rpattz is, as ever, himself. Kristen seems to be grasping at straws to show emotion. Charlie remains the best character they have in that... (series, saga, movie, atrocitity...) whatever it is.
We--being my strange posse and I--did dress up as Harry Potter characters for the midnight release. I knit myself a tie and wore it and it was generally awesome.

Update 4: At the Eclipse midnight showing, as we were walking through the parking lot someone yelled out there window to ask what corner we were working, making a prostitute reference. It must be said that one of us, not me, was wearing a rather short skirt but, even so, these things are hardly appropriate. We did not think to yell back "Ask your mom," though, if we had, it would have given us immense satisfaction.

Update 5: I read a crazy good book called Thirteen Reasons Why (by Jay Asher). It was the first time this summer that I stayed up until 3:30am reading a book but I had to finish it, for some reason. Note: suicide is ridiculously selfish. That is all.

Update 6: It's not all that warm here. Apparently, it's going to get hot on Tuesday but I'll believe it when I don't have to wear a sweater around my house anymore.

Update 7: I've started watching Glee.

I think that's it. Well, no, there's probably more but that's all you're getting tonight. I shall be more lively on Thursday, in theory.

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