Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's all ride the bus of DOOM!

Does anyone besides me remember in elementary school whenever there was a field trip, everyone would cram in the back of the bus and go "WOOOOOOO" whenever it hit a bump?

Well everyone in my school did this, and I think it's only cool in like 3rd grade, because NOW whenever the bus hits a bump (and I don't even have to be in the back to "appreciate" the bumpiness), I fear for my life a little. That bus is going to fall apart someday. Good ole bus 17.

Anyways: It's question time!

Are you are early riser?

HAHAHAHAHA! BAHAHA! *wipes tears from eyes* Ahem. Oh. You were serious? Okay then; NO. Not in the least.

If you weren't a participant of this blog, would you read it?

Hmmm... I don't think I would've found it. (So thanks to all 26 of you! Come back soon now, y'hear?!) It's because of this blog I joined Blogger in the first place, actually. so I'm grateful this blog made me find this site. It's pretty awesome.

Sorry this is so short! ("laconic, as Alex says. Yay words!) I had around 2 hours of homework today. *ahem...some to be completed on BUS O' DOOM ride... I needed a break and the work will keep me distracted from the fact that the bus might not make it there* Am I being a whiny baby about 2 hours of it? It's so different from middle school, wherein I was the "smart one", and difficult homework took me around 45 minutes.

Damn. I miss it already.

I guess that's my question: Am I being unreasonable for complaining about two hours of homework on the 2nd day of school?

Question part 2: How much time does it take you to complete your homework on average?

Non-personal alternate question: Do you think the "i before e except after c" rule applies enough to be considered a rule?


Alex said...

You're back at school? That's ridiculous. It's August.
School here doesn't resume until Sept. 8th. Not that I, like, go or anything.

My experiences with school buses aren't wonderful memories. Other than laughing at Junie B. Jones' recollections (did you guys ever read Junie B.?) I haven't been associated with many school buses. There was one time that I was on a bus and the back door opened and the alarm went off and then the driver couldn't figure out how to turn it off so we had to drive the rest of the journey with a blaring in our ears.
On top of that the bus driver got us lost. Twice. The alarm experience was extended and I was sure my ears would never recover.

Rena said...

Yes, yes indeed it is REDONKULOUS. As much as I hate that word. It is.

Sorry! In my school-filled rant I became an inconsiderate jerk. Certainly you must have some kind of work you have to do in addition to the online course things. Right? I don't know...

Vita said...

It's funny because for the past 5 years, the ONLY homework I've had on the first day of school (besides filling out Emergency Information Cards) is math. In seventh grade it wasn't even math related, it was something about writing an essay about yourself... um, okay.

Anyhoo, back to RELATED THINGS, I definitely remember everyone getting excited over busrides on field trips back in the day... we were so young, alas! Now I'm generally just annoyed that I have to get up so early to catch the effing bus. Why do I need to get there 30 minutes before school starts, Bus People? WHY?

Rena said...

Oh, that too. Alex, you will never now the *joy* of getting up and hauling yourself to a busstop at, let's see, (for me, at least) SIX FIFTY IN THE EFFIN' MORNING. Yes, A.M. Agggggh.